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Intimate Transmission and Prevention :Passed Through Intercourse

By De Holiday Administrator | Published October 30th, 2019

Zika Could Be Passed Through Intercourse

  • Zika could be passed away through intercourse from an individual with Zika to his / her lovers.
    • Intercourse includes vaginal, anal, and dental sex and the sharing of adult toys.
    • Zika may be passed away through intercourse even yet in a committed relationship.
    • The timeframes that both women and men can pass Zika through intercourse are very different because Zika virus can remain in semen longer than in other human body flu >
    • Condoms can lessen the opportunity of having Zika from intercourse.
      • Condoms consist of male and condoms that are female.
      • To be effective, condoms ought to be used from beginning to end, each time during vaginal, anal, and sex that is oral the sharing of adult sex toys
      • Dental dams may also be employed for certain kinds of dental sex (lips to vagina or mouth to anal area).
    • Perhaps maybe maybe Not sex that is sharing may also decrease the threat of distributing Zika to sex lovers.
    • Perhaps maybe Not making love eliminates the possibility of getting Zika from intercourse.

    Suggestions for Where You Travel or Live

    • Zika virus may be passed from the woman that is pregnant her fetus.
    • Zika illness during maternity could cause a birth defect called microcephaly as well as other serious mind defects.
    • Pregnant partners in danger for Zika should utilize condoms or otherwise not have sexual intercourse due to their whole maternity.